O системе прокачки компании

We are a family business that has lived for generations from the manufacturing, assembly, decoration and finishing of ceramic products. Over time and experience, we dedicate our interest and passion to inventing and manufacturing innovative products. Our vision is to simplify and speed up work for the craftsman and to offer our customers an increased quality and at the same time a more favorable solution.

Our company owns several patents.

In our plant are found German-made plastic injection molding machines, packaging machines, fiber laser as well as various plastic and metal processing machines.

Our core areas are tile leveling systems, underfloor heating tackers, bathroom accessories, privacy screens and metal fences.

Our brand can be found in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Australia.

Our warehouses are located in Serbia, Germany, Slovakia, Croatia, Spain, North America and Australia and can deliver products to customers within a short time. The worldwide logistics network is the key to successful cooperation with our customers.

In the future, we plan to expand our product range. In doing so, we want to inspire the industry, conquer the demanding global market and ensure satisfied customer relationships.

About Product

The high quality plastic of our wedges allow a high strength and consistently transfer the clamping force during the entire assembly process. The serrated surface snaps securely into the clamp. The cone allows working with different tile thicknesses.

Over 25x re-useable
Perfect consistent joints
Easy installation
Perfect alignment
High quality product
Our products can be recycled
Serrated surface
The pliers are made of galvanized steel, high-quality plastic and components, which ensures precision and durability for life-time use. The pliers can be adjusted individually depending on the tile thickness.

Place the clip under the tile 5 cm from the edge followed by the adjacent tile over top.Insert the wedge into the hole of the clip and tighten with pliers until the tiles are evenly aligned.After 24 hours kick the clip with your foot or strike with a rubber mallet in the direction of the joint. The tiles are now ready for grouting.

Perfect leveling. Every time.

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