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  • Wedges – 250 pieces

    Wedges for all kind of tiles and joints.
    250 pieces packaged in a cardboard box.

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    This wedges are part of the tile leveling system. You need also the plier and the clips to have a perfect result with flooring. Our wedges are made of high quality plastic and fit to all our clips in all tile thicknesses. They can be reused several times.

    Advantages of the leveling system

    • Easy, fast and precise laying of floor and wall tiles.
    • 100% parallel, symmetrical joint
    • Eliminating all possibilities of lippage between tiles
    • Suitable for all thicknesses and all tile forms and materials
    • Wedges can be reused several times

    Available product variation:

    System Leveling is the only leveling manufacturer with a modern design with detailed installation instructions. Be assured.

    Wedges are received in 2 packaging sizes:

    • 100 pieces
    • 250 pieces

    Article ID
    Joint width
    1 - 3 mm
    Tile thickness
    3 - 22 mm
    PP (Polypropylene)
    Package content
    250 pieces
    Package weight
    2,255 kg
    Package dimensions
    185mm x 290mm x 215mm

    1st step: insert the clip

    • Balancing the first tile with the help of a level
    • Place the clip under the tile 5 cm from the edge followed by the adjacent tile over top.

    2nd step: insert the wedge

    • Insert the wedge into the hole of the clip and tighten with pliers until the tiles are evenly aligned.

    3rd step: remove the clip

    • After 24 hours kick the clip with your foot or strike with a rubber mallet in the direction of the joint. The tiles are now ready for grouting.
    • Collect the wedges. They can be reused several times.

    A detailed installation video can be found here:

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