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  • Wedges – 100 pieces

    Wedges for all kind of tiles and joints.
    100 pieces packaged in a plastic bag.

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    EAN code:8606107981888

    The wedges can be reused several times

    For a tile thickness of: 3 -22 mm

    Article ID: 1311

    Advantages of the leveling system

    • Easy, fast and precise laying of floor and wall tiles.
    • 100% parallel, symmetrical joint
    • Eliminating all possibilities of lippage between tiles
    • Suitable for all thicknesses and all tile forms and materials
    • Items can be reordered at any time
    • Wedges can be reused several times

    Content / items delivered:

    System Leveling is the only leveling manufacturer with a modern design with detailed installation instructions. Be assured.

    Wedges are received in 2 packaging sizes:

    • 100 pieces
    • 250 pieces

    Installation description:

    1st step: insert the clip

    • Balancing the first tile with the help of a level
    • Place the clip under the tile 5 cm from the edge followed by the adjacent tile over top.

    2nd step: insert the wedge

    • Insert the wedge into the hole of the clip and tighten with pliers until the tiles are evenly aligned.

    3rd step: remove the clip

    • After 24 hours kick the clip with your foot or strike with a rubber mallet in the direction of the joint. The tiles are now ready for grouting.
    • Collect the wedges. They can be reused several times.

    A detailed installation video can be found here:

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