Comment ça fonctionne?

The tile leveling system using clips, wedges, and pliers is the ideal solution for achieving perfectly spaced and leveled tile installations. Here’s a concise explanation of how it works:

  1. Clips: These pieces, made of durable materials like plastic, are placed beneath adjacent tiles, ensuring uniform spacing. Various clip sizes accommodate different tile thicknesses and gap widths.

  2. Wedges: Slim, flat wedges fit snugly into clip slots. As wedges are inserted, they apply even pressure to align and level tiles, ensuring a uniform surface.

  3. Pliers: Specialized tile leveling pliers insert wedges precisely and aid in clip removal after adhesive cures.


  • Apply adhesive, place the first tile.
  • Insert clips beneath tiles, maintaining uniform spacing.
  • Insert wedges for precise leveling.
  • Once adhesive sets, remove excess clips.


In summary, this system is the go-to choice for achieving flawless tile installations efficiently and with professional results.

Perfect leveling. Every time.

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