Système de nivellement de carreaux

La seule solution dont vous aurez jamais besoin pour nivellement parfait de vos carreaux.

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Dites adieu aux carreaux inégaux et instables - Aussi simple que ça

Présentation de notre système de nivellement de carreaux révolutionnaire ! Nous avons mis toute notre expertise dans la création de ces clips en utilisant du plastique de haute qualité pour atteindre le parfait équilibre entre dureté et flexibilité.

1. Clips de configuration


2. Insérer les cales


3. Serrer avec une pince

Trois !
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It's time to bring perfection to every tile you lay. And Every Tile Size

Join the league of professional tile installers who swear by our clips, and elevate your tiling projects to a whole new level. There are joints width from 1-3 mm for tiles with a thickness of 3-22 mm available.

0 mm
100 x Clips
1 mm
100 x Clips
1 mm
100 x Clips
1 mm
100 x Clips
1 mm
100 x Clips

Our system guarantees flawless, seamless tile installations that will leave your space looking like a work of art

Materials used

Top-notch, high-quality plastic


Consistency is a hallmark of an effective tile leveling system, ensuring that each tile is placed at the same height as its neighbors, resulting in a seamless and professional-looking installation. By maintaining uniform spacing and eliminating lippage, the system enhances the aesthetic appeal of the tiled surface and provides a reliable foundation for various spaces.


Performance is a critical factor in a tile leveling system, as it directly influences the speed and efficiency of the tiling process. A high-performance system minimizes installation time by allowing tiles to be adjusted quickly and precisely, accommodating different tile thicknesses and ensuring a tight fit. This boosts productivity and contributes to a successful tiling outcome.


Stability is paramount in a tile leveling system, as it guarantees the durability and longevity of the tiled surface. A stable system prevents tiles from shifting or settling after installation, even in high-traffic or moisture-prone areas. This not only upholds the structural integrity of the installation but also reduces the need for costly repairs or replacements over time.

Embrace the ease and precision of our tile leveling system

Impressive results! The tile leveling system's high-quality plastic clips struck the perfect balance between hardness and flexibility. Flawless alignment for every tile, whether delicate or thick. A game-changer for my bathroom renovation – highly recommended!
Andrea Smith
President Director Riverstone City

Exceptional! The tile leveling system effortlessly eliminated lippage, resulting in a flawless and evenly tiled surface. Though a handful of clips were somewhat fragile and broke during installation, their sacrifice was well worth the impeccable end result. Overall, I'm leaning towards a wholehearted recommendation due to its impressive performance.
Jonathan Hope
CEO Batavia MRT

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