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The only solution you will ever need to perfectly level your tiles.

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Say goodbye to uneven, wobbly tiles - as easy as

Introducing our revolutionary tile leveling system! We’ve poured our expertise into crafting these clips using top-notch, high-quality plastic to achieve the perfect balance between hardness and flexibility.

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It's time to bring perfection to every tile you lay. And Every Tile Size

Join the league of professional tile installers who swear by our clips, and elevate your tiling projects to a whole new level. There are joints width from 1-3 mm for tiles with a thickness of 3-22 mm available.

100 x Clips
0 mm
100 x Clips
1 mm
100 x Clips
1 mm
100 x Clips
1 mm
100 x Clips
1 mm

Our system guarantees flawless, seamless tile installations that will leave your space looking like a work of art

Materials used

Top-notch, high-quality plastic


Consistency is a hallmark of an effective tile leveling system, ensuring that each tile is placed at the same height as its neighbors, resulting in a seamless and professional-looking installation. By maintaining uniform spacing and eliminating lippage, the system enhances the aesthetic appeal of the tiled surface and provides a reliable foundation for various spaces.


Performance is a critical factor in a tile leveling system, as it directly influences the speed and efficiency of the tiling process. A high-performance system minimizes installation time by allowing tiles to be adjusted quickly and precisely, accommodating different tile thicknesses and ensuring a tight fit. This boosts productivity and contributes to a successful tiling outcome.


Stability is paramount in a tile leveling system, as it guarantees the durability and longevity of the tiled surface. A stable system prevents tiles from shifting or settling after installation, even in high-traffic or moisture-prone areas. This not only upholds the structural integrity of the installation but also reduces the need for costly repairs or replacements over time.

Embrace the ease and precision of our tile leveling system

“It’s fantastic! I am very satisfied with the quality and straightforward design of these tile levelers, which expedite my ceramic tile installations. I appreciate that they consistently introduce new solutions to the market, making my work on-site more manageable.”
Simon Dudok
Tiler from Novi Sad, Serbia
“Ever since I started using these tile levelers, I’ve been able to complete more work of higher quality than before. The clips are excellent because they don’t break when tightened with pliers, and they always snap cleanly at the base, leaving a pristine grout line. I also like the wedges because they can be reused, and their front and back can be adjusted to fine-tune grout width when wedged between two tiles.”
Jovan Tosic
Craftsman from Belgrade, Serbia

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